Our History


SilverLiners got underway in a sunny afternoon of July 2014 as young and newbie dopplegangers of Radiohead, Coldplay, Oasis, and The Beatles in a relatively negative universe compared to the Earth. The Band is just visiting the Earth nowadays, sailing on ozone and spreading around that every cloud has a silver lining. Doc Bass (Bass, Vocals) enjoys listening music while feeding fish in aquarium. Ismail Aydın ‘Silver Surfer’ (Vocals, Piano, Guitar) gets inspired by his blue winter coat wore in the first day of snow. Kaan Erdem ‘The GM’ (Drums) lets it all hang out and does not make too much a fuss over small problems. Cagatay Akan ‘Beardo’ (Guitar) is the new guy with red Les Paul who joined the band because he is pretty kosher and would look neat on stage. They released their debut single "Scary Superstition" on May 2015 and since then, have been rattling off “with just friends” in popular venues of Turkey, college festivals, concerts, and radio stations such as IF Performance Hall, Noxus Performance Hall, Hacettepe University Radio and national radio station of Turkey TRT Radio. They have released their debut EP titled H I G H F L Y on 12 August 2016. The second single of the H I G H F L Y "Aladdin" which was released on 13.01.2016 clinched 6th spot on iTunes Turkey Store Alternative Top Songs Chart. The band’s most recent grandstands are, rock’n’rolling on Turkish Airlines Euroleague Fan Zone Istanbul ’17 and one of the most rooted festivals Zeytinli Rock Festival, while touring with Turkish rockstars maNga. The band is constantly building a true community, communicating via interactive social communication. In some day, they wish to hear that they have fitter friends and happier fans in different galaxies enjoying their music as much as they are.